Hulu Releases “Don’t Worry Darling”

Lesly Castillo, Entertainment Editor

Don’t Worry Darling has been through a lot because there was a lot of drama behind the scenes with the cast members throughout production with behind the scenes of the movie. The movie itself was good and was different because of the different methods the movie used to reveal the plot.

Don’t Worry Darling is a controversial movie as a lot of viewers believe the movie was sloppy and the storyline doesn’t add up and others disagree that the movie was actually good, that it does make sense and the director, Olivia Wilde, did well.

Viewers have rated the movie 3.3/5 stars with 1889 ratings in total on Google. The movie is more known for the plot, which was honestly unpredictable. Viewers can’t debate whether or not it was good that the plot was unpredictable or not and rather argue that the timeline doesn’t make sense and is just horribly written.

While I believe that Wilde did well as an actor, I wouldn’t say the same as a director. With all the drama that happened behind the scenes, it actually did have an effect on the movie production.

Jason Sudeikis accused Wilde of having an affair with Harry Styles during production which led to Sudeikis filing for custody, stopping production for a while. Florence Pugh played Alice Chambers, wife of Jack Chambers (Harry Styles), and did an amazing job as an actress. It was very unprofessional, especially for Wilde.

Unfortunately, Pugh was also dragged into drama with Wilde, as well. Pugh was accused of not respecting Wilde and Harry’s relationship during production, although Wilde had them play as the main couple in the movie. With or without the drama behind the scenes, the movie was still alright. The movie leaves you with questions that the movie didn’t clear up and felt rushed. The acting was great, the plot really was surprising which I think is great that I didn’t predict. It was very entertaining and there’s a lot of suspense.