Masking Becomes Optional At The Preuss School UCSD

Marlene Rojas, School News Writer

Masks became a big part of student’s daily lives when Corona Virus hit in 2019. When school started back up again in 2021 masks were supposed to be worn at all times except during lunch. However, as of December 16, 2022, masking in The Preuss School will be optional in classrooms but masks will remain required when students visit the Health Office.

The Preuss School follows UCSD’s protocols and rules, especially when it comes to masking and how to keep the students safe from COVID-19. The news that masking will become optional was first announced on Monday, November 14, on the Preuss Daily Bulletin. Despite this, Preuss’ health office recommends that we wear masks, especially indoors, just to be safe.

“Imagine that, a month from today we will no longer be required to wear these things,” says Natalie Luna (25’). “I can finally breathe.”