New Coach Hired for Girls Soccer Varsity Team

Barbara Guerrero, Photographer

As the soccer season approaches, Dario Sutic has been hired as the new soccer coach for the girl’s varsity team since the position has been empty for the past couple of months.

After the former soccer coach Hannah Coyle left the Preuss School, the search for a new soccer coach has been a struggle but after numerous interviews, the search was finally over.

“Preuss was looking for a coach and I said to myself, ‘let’s try something new’, ” stated Dario Sutic.

Since the varsity girls have a new coach, they’re now practicing for their upcoming game and hope to improve overall compared to their last season’s results.

“My goal for this season is to have a better season this year and to at least win half of the game but most importantly to have fun,” stated Dario Sutic.