Preuss Offers Therapy Fluffies

Tracy Trinh, Podcast Editor

TSUNAMI (Triton Students Unite for National Alliance on Mental Illness) is facilitating an event that is coming to the Walton Center to pet service dogs on November 18th. The event will take place during middle school and high school lunch. NAMI is trying to not only relieve stress for Preuss students, but also help the seniors during the UC submitting application times.

After the event, the NAMI club will be taking the service dogs to the senior advisory classes. We’ve seen service dogs on Preuss’ campus before but this is a new opportunity to be able to physically interact with them. This will provide a calming environment amid all of the stressful schoolwork.

“Animals are a way for people to find comfort in times of stress and a non judgmental outlet of unconditional love,” Mrs. Van De Vanter says appreciatively.