Preuss Responds to Padres Loss

Lesly Castillo, Entertainment Editor

The Padres this year have made great progress against the Philadelphia Phillies and have gained more fans and support. Unfortunately, it was still not enough for the Padres to win against The Phillies to the disappointment of many Preuss students.

On Friday, October 21, 2022, Preuss encouraged students to wear Padres clothing or hats to show their support for the Padres.

Brenda Velazquez (‘25) explained how although she expected the Padres to lose, she just had more hope in them this year because of their progress. Velazquez isn’t huge into baseball but she still thinks it’s important because it’s a sport that represents where she lives and grew up in. She believes that anyone that lives in San Diego and others should always support anything that represents San Diego.

“It’s a good way to unite everyone that lives in the same city in a positive way against other areas or possibly to just meet others from other cities or states,” expressed Velazquez.

Velazquez hopes that the Padres can have a better shot next time. She hopes she can go to their next game to support them. As long as the Padres continue trying, then she’ll continue being a proud Padres fan.

Melanie Ortiz (‘24) was also very proud of the Padres this year. She has been a fan for the last couple years when her family took her to a game.
“I think the Padres are going to only get better because of the progress they’ve made recently and it shows how hard the baseball players are working.” said Ortiz

Ortiz continued on how the Padres are just going to get better and because of the progress they’ve made this year, they’ll get more support to help them out. Ortiz realized that as the Padres have improved this year, people have switched supporting teams and Phillies fans even buying Padres clothes.

“The Padres’ Instagram followers have finally hit one million followers!” expressed Ortiz.

Ortiz hopes the Padres will win next year, especially with the new supporters, and with the progress they’ve made already, next year could be almost certain to win.