Preuss Celebrates Día de Los Muertos

Gissell Montufar, Photographer

On November 1st and 2nd, the Multicultural Club will hold a celebration of Día de los Muertos at the Walton Center during 4th and 7th block.

Día de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday celebrated on November 1st and 2nd to remember those who have passed. To celebrate, there will be activities students can participate in for about thirty minutes each, such as food tasting, sugar skull decorating, altar presentations and more.

“There’s more than 10 clubs participating and we’re all coming together in a workshop setup where kids can learn,” says Ms. Wiedemeier.

Many clubs are working hard on this celebration to have other students learn and have fun on Día de los Muertos. On November 1st, High school students can participate during 7th block while Middle school students can partake in this opportunity on November 2nd during 4th block.