Padres Spirit Takes Over Preuss

Michael Grijalva, Photography Editor

As the Padres battled against the Phillies for the National League Championship Series, Preuss embraced the Padres Spirit and allowed students to show off their love for the San Diego Padres.

On October 21, 2022 Preuss students showed off their Padres spirit by allowing them to wear Padres related merchandise which consisted of hats, jerseys, and more. Some students were creative enough to bring massive custom-made chains displaying the SD Padres logo and its colors.

“I hope the Padres beat the Phillies today and finally show off how good the Padres could be,” said Dylan Gomez (‘23), “Tons of people are showing their love for the Padres at Preuss today which is kind of cool. I didn’t know there were so many baseball fans at Preuss.”

As the final game came to a close with the Phillies beating the Padres, Preuss students and staff members showed their support for their home team.