Winter Sports Kick Off at Preuss

Christian Montalvo-Yañez, School News Writer

Since the start of the school year, various Preuss students have anticipated the start of the winter sports season, which includes soccer or basketball. However, as of November 7, 2022, the official start to winter sports at The Preuss School UC San Diego will commence. Such news has high school excited for tryouts and whether they will make the team.

Students like Issachar Cortez (‘24) who has waited to join the Preuss soccer team since the beginning of the year and hopes to join the Varsity division. Cortez demonstrates his interest as the season approaches by practicing for the sport in hopes he can impress his hard work to the coach.

“I’m more excited to see if my summer practice for soccer will pay off when I try out for soccer stars,” says Cortez (‘24).

Many students have grown up playing a sport, whether it is baseball, soccer, or even tennis. This can lead to students finding a passion, interest, or love in a sport. Such passion can make the winter sports season especially exciting for student athletes.

“Soccer has always been a passion of mine,” notes Issachar Cortez (‘24)

Soccer is not the only sport the winter season has to offer. Basketball has caught and still catches the attention of new and returning players. With the upcoming start of the winter season, basketball players and fans are looking forward to the following months.

“I was on the team last year but I’m still stoked to try out again,” claims Siyem Russom (‘25).

Sports around the world have become so popular that they have gained popularity throughout communities or even foreign nations. As such, various sports have formed their own leagues or associations; for example, basketball has the National Basketball Association (NBA).These televised competitions inspire students to pursue a professional athletic career.

“I want to see how far I can make it in basketball, and that includes the NBA,” states Russom (‘25).