Preuss Students Plan Their Halloween

Lesly Castillo, Entertainment Writer

Halloween is quickly approaching. As such, students at the Preuss School UC San Diego share their plans for the upcoming holiday on October 31st.

For this Halloween, Nicole Nguyen (‘24) plans to attend a Halloween party with her friends, watch thematic movies, and play Halloween games. Nguyen’s traditions include dressing up and getting candy. Her favorite activity for Halloween is being able to dress up as somebody else for a day without judgment. She usually likes to spend Halloween with her friends and if not, she ends up watching Halloween movies with her siblings.

Christina Sanches (‘29) will be spending her Halloween going trick-or-treating with her soccer friends and her dog who will also be dressed up for Halloween. Her Halloween tradition is to dress up and go trick-or-treating with her friends and family. Of course, Christina’s favorite thing about Halloween is the candy she gets when the night is over.

Meanwhile, Agnes Agoh (‘23) will join her sisters trick-or-treating this Halloween. Agnes doesn’t really have a Halloween tradition because her family believes that Halloween can sometimes be too scary, which to others, is what makes Halloween, Halloween. But also, because of religious purposes due to certain religions that don’t celebrate Halloween or believe that it’s against certain religions. Agoh also loves to prank her sisters every year on Halloween to give them a fright on one of the best days of the year.

Vy Ho (‘24) plans to spend her Halloween trick-or-treating with her friends. Her family doesn’t celebrate Halloween, so she is only able to celebrate it with her friends. However, just because her family doesn’t celebrate it, doesn’t mean she doesn’t. Ho will be spending her Halloween this year with her friends trick or treating. Ho’s favorite thing about Halloween is being able to see the different costumes and the Halloween spirit.