Students Provide Clothing to the Homeless

Barbara Guerrero, Photographer

President Agnes Agoh and Kevin Nguyen created a way to help the people in need by creating donation boxes that are left outside the front office as a way to help the people in need

“The donation boxes are a part of our senior project for our senior wheel and we thought about this idea because we wanted to find a way to give back to our community our final year,” Agnes Agoh (‘23) stated.

These donation boxes are intended for students and parents to donate clothing such as shirts, pants, shoes, and undergarments which will be given to Father Joe’s Village and Sharia’s Closets as a way for family members to buy affordable clothing because homelessness has been increasing in San Diego.

“And homelessness in San Diego become a problem, well an uprising situation over the years,” stated Agnes Agoh (‘23)

Although helping out the community shouldn’t come to an end, the last day to donate to these donation boxes outside the front office will be on November 7, 2022.