Marvel’s Werewolf by Night Changes Fans’ Expectations

Heaven Woldai, Entertainment Writer

Marvel’s first studio special in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Werewolf by Night, is a new film introducing a new outlook on Marvel’s Phase 4 found on Disney +. Phase 4 incorporates Marvel productions set from 2021-2022.

Werewolf by Night provides a more mature scene compared to other new Marvel films like She-hulk, Loki, and etc. The movie is in Black and white giving the feel of an old horror film. It centers around Jack Rusell, a werewolf, and Elsa Bloodstone. They befriend each other during Elsa’s mission to capture a monster and gain an heirloom, the bloodstone, while Jack is working to save the same monster.

Jack Russell is played by Gael Garcia Bernad, this is one of his most popular films. He played his character convincingly and he brings a mature scene to the movie. His emotions on screen felt natural and real. Laura Donelly plays Elsa Bloodstone, she compliments her character and her co-stars with how authentic she played Elsa. These are all new Marvel stars who perfectly live up to the name Marvel has branded for itself. Harriet Sansom Harris also plays an important role in this film, Verusa. Unsurprisingly, she too acted well. She showed the perfect amount of emotion as well as the correct emotion for each scene to where it yet again, felt natural to the film.

The plot to Werewolf by Night surrounds monster hunters gathering for a funeral after Ulysses, their hunting leader, had died and he was going to pass on a powerful heirloom. To get granted the heirloom they had to kill the monster prepared by Verusa, Ulysses’ wife. The film is an hour which is surprisingly short compared to other Marvel Films and yet, was the right length for the story.

This Marvel special significantly brought change to Marvel’s phase 4 films. Once phase 4 of marvel began, they had declined in greatness compared to past phases of marvel films. Phase 4 of Marvel contains Loki, What if?,Hawkeye, She-Hulk, Moon Knight and more. The new shows haven’t been able to live up to the expectations of past marvel movies. This era of Marvel has been one of Marvel’s worst. Fans aren’t enjoying Marvel’s new films and their ratings have even gone down. However, a few upcoming projects like Wakanda Forever and Guardians of the Galaxy 3 are bringing back fans’ high expectations because they’re series based and their past movies were already popular.

The upbringing of Werewolf by Night is restarting Marvels track of eminence. It was something truly new compared to the other Marvel movies. As it is Marvel’s first feature, it brought enthusiasm for later Marvel specials due to how outstanding it was. From Werewolf by Night, fans are granted the information that there are multiple mythical monsters unrelated to space in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It also provides insight to how big the Marvel universe is and how it doesn’t only consist of superheroes.

The film’s rating is PG-13 which is understandable. There are a few scenes including CGI that may seem explicit, and a scary atmosphere is present when the monster getting hunted is on screen. The film does give off the feeling of an old horror movie which comes from the music and set design. A featured song in the picture, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, characterized a 60s classical horror film. The same characterization is found in the set design. The movie takes place in the home of Ulysses, the home was dark and included a lot of shadowing. Concluded from the film’s energy the film isn’t recommended for young children, however, it isn’t too unnerving which should be fine for 10-12 year olds. The film is perfectly rated and has an appropriate age range of 13 and above.

Overall, Werewolf by Night is an excellent movie with a fun and nostalgic plot line. There are a few scenes that can be seen as explicit but it can still be seen as a family film. The acting is excellent and successfully brought a new story line to Marvel. I highly recommend Werewolf by Night .