Preuss Introduces New School Supervisor

Natan Fessehaye, School News Writer

Preuss has hired more assistance with supervision on the school campus for the 2022-2023 school year, Jones Branisha.

Ms. B has recently become a new member of the Preuss team. She has taken the role as a school supervisor and now works alongside Mr. Caesar traverses the school, making sure everything is going smoothly.

Ms. B has stated, “I came to Preuss because I have a sister who is an alumni here and because I have a great thing for working well with young adults and being involved in the lives of teenagers has been something that is very important to me.”

So far, her time here at Preuss has been spent well as she has been going around the school and helping where there is work to be done.

“I have been here for about three weeks now and what I can say about Preuss is the environment here is very chill. What I have seen is the students here involved with each other, their classes, their teachers and they make it a very homey place here at Preuss,” comments Ms. B

While Ms B has been here she has been working very hard as a school supervisor and has been working well alongside her fellow colleague Mr Caesar.

“I think Ms.B will fit in very well here and think she will be a very integral part of this school just as much as our principal. Ms.B will be a nice addition because it would be nice to have more help as being the school supivorser makes it feel like I am a parent of eight hundred different kids,” Mr Caesar says

So far Ms B has been enjoying her time at Preuss as she

“Being at the Preuss school is nice because everyone here takes care of each other and just being in this environment is great as everything feels so lively,” Ms. B says.