Culinary Club Comes to Preuss

Barbara Guerrero, Photographer

On September 28th, 2022, Culinary Club created by President Yaret Bolanos will begin holding meetings on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays after school for students who are interested in learning more about cooking.

“I created culinary club because it felt new, as if no one else had made this club,” Yaret Bolanos (‘24) stated.

The culinary club will be providing students the opportunity to learn more about the basic skills of cooking, their own cultural dishes, and other dishes a part of other cultures. Members will be given the chance to learn unique cooking techniques, be creative, and overall have fun.

“ I’m about to graduate from Preuss and I barely know how to cook anything for myself, except basic dishes and snacks. Not knowing how to cook makes me feel anxious about how I would be financially stable and healthy in college,” Yaret Bolanes (’24) stated.

Culinary Club can help students enhance their cooking skill when they want to become more independent in college including helping students to make healthier choices.