CSU Applications Open for Fall 2023

Tracy Trinh, Podcaster

All 23 California State Universities will start accepting admission applications for the 2023 fall term, starting October 1, 2022. The priority application deadline is November 30 and the official deadline for all applicants is December 15th. Preuss seniors at will begin their applications during advisory and complete in their own time.

The CSU system is a public university system in California. They educate the most ethnically, economically, and academically diverse student body in the nation. Their campuses tend to be smaller than UC campuses. UC’s are known for being research oriented so they often focus less on technological and vocational programs. CSUs tend to be cheaper and more affordable than UCs. Lastly, there are CSUs spread out across California which creates more geographical diversity. Some are commuter schools, which means students do not tend to live on campus, and are in rural areas, while others are in large cities.
Many Preuss students have graduated from CSUs such as Cal Poly SLO, CSU Chico, and SDSU. There are also some members of Preuss faculty who have attended CSUs such as Ms. Bandy and Mrs. Tiojanco, who both attended Cal State San Marcos, Ms. Ackerman and Ms. Agliam, who both attended SDSU for some parts of their educational journey.

“It doesn’t matter where you go — it’s about what you take advantage of while you are there! The doors you choose to walk through matter so much more than the name of where you go. Take risks and step outside your comfort zone!” Ms. Bandy says to encourage our seniors!