New Content Increase Netflix’s Popularity

Lesly Castillo, Entertainment Writer

Over time, Netflix was pretty popular among streaming services. However, with the rise of other competitors, Netflix has fallen. Worse, they started taking off some movies and shows which made customers upset and eventually got bored of Netflix. Recently, this September, movies and shows have been added giving Netflix new content.

Various shows and movies are being added to Netflix, beginning of September. Some movies, though, are being removed by September 30, 2022, such as Clueless, Mean Girls, and Dumb and Dumber, which are popular classic movies.

“Netflix is one of my favorite platforms to watch shows and movies because it added new shows and movies that I really like, like Clueless and Mean Girls,” said Gabriella Comparan (‘24).

With the new content on Netflix, there’s more romance, classics, K-Dramas, cartoons, etc. Netflix has given a bit more of every category for everyone to enjoy on Netflix. Even for kids who like Despicable Me. With the new content, it has gotten a lot more positive attention than before. With movies and shows continuing to get added to Netflix, a lot more people began to talk about it more and how they feel like it’s getting better and worth the money. Netflix subscriber count as of 2022 is 220.67 million on Netflix Subscribers 2022.

“I really like the new shows and movies that got added to Netflix and there’s more added to certain genres that I enjoy so Netflix is growing on me again,” said Daisy Castillo (‘26).

Although Netflix has added new content onto their platform, they still get criticized. People still believe that the other platforms that are available like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, etc., are better than Netflix. With rumors that went around that Netflix will begin to put ads into the movies or shows which they were once known to be popular because they didn’t have ads. With new information and rumors going around, customers are still debating whether or not they really like Netflix.

“I stopped using Netflix for a while and used other platforms like Amazon Prime Video since I got tired of Netflix but now with the new shows and movies that have recently been added, Netflix is slowly growing on me,” said Nova Solan (‘24) “I just don’t think it will continue to grow on me.” continued Nova Solan (‘24).