Preuss’ Drama Department Begins Fall Fest Production

Andre Gurrola Rivera, Entertainment Writer

Mr. Rocca’s drama department began production on Fall Fest this month. This will be the second year the Fall Fest will be held in person since the hiatus during the pandemic, and is considered a full return to form for the production. The fall fest is currently in pre-production and is set to be released by Halloween weekend.

The production is student led with various student directors in charge of different projects that will be put together into one final product.

This year’s production will include two feature length films of approximately 25 minutes with various student made trailers, of pitches that did not make the cut to be feature length. One of the feature length films is a family murder mystery thriller, with the other being a gothic dinner party murder mystery.

Fall Fest is planned to be screened during block 7 so that the majority of students can attend during advisory, as opposed to last year when it was held after school.

“We changed the time to during school because we want to showcase our epic masterpiece of the macabre to the biggest possible audience!” said Mr Rocca.

The production this year has drama students looking forward to using the new equipment. acquired by the drama department to complete their films.

“I am excited to start filming this year especially because of the new cameras and editing equipment,” says Miguel Santiago (‘24).