Preuss Releases New School Uniforms

Michael Grijalva, Photography Editor

As Preuss continues to move forward while still holding up tradition, this school year the administration introduces students to new uniform choices.

Preuss introduces new uniform choices including blazers and vests for boys and even new blouses for female students. Another new option even includes lunch box options for both genders. Preuss’s new partnership with SchoolBelles allows for students and parents to shop with ease via online making it easier.

Some students are sticking to tradition and continue to wear the old uniform without the new addons.

“I personally wouldn’t wear the new uniforms Preuss is providing because they seem overkill for even Preuss,” said Leonardo Gonzalez (‘23), “I’d prefer to stick to my old uniform and hope Preuss doesn’t force all students to wear ties and dressing shoes in the possible future.”

Moving to an online platform to sell uniforms was a great move for Preuss as it makes it easier for students to purchase new uniforms or replace current ones.