Netflix Releases Senior Year Movie

Vy Thai, Entertainment Writer

On May 13, 2022, Senior Year the movie was released on Netflix. This film includes a classic take on having the “perfect” high school life. With thousands of films depicting high school cliches, this film seems like one of them, but only at first. The jaw-dropping plot twist intrigues the audience as much as the characters do. As a coming of age movie, the movie offers themes of finding yourself, love, and true friendship.

This film was directed by Alex Hardcastle, a British television director who directs both British and American television films. Filming began on May 24th last year and was completed in July 2021. Releasing this year in May was perfect to help set the scene and mimic actual seniors almost graduating.

This film stars multiple outstanding actors and actresses. Rebel Wilson, known for her role in the Pitch Perfect series, plays the main character, Stephanie Conway. To play Stephanie Conway’s younger self, Angourie Rice nails her scenes. They both excel at playing Stephanie Conway and illustrating her character as a humorous, ambitious, and courageous individual in the film. Wilson and Rice’s chemistry allowed the movie to become what it is made to be. Alicia Silverstone also has an appearance in the film as she is also known as the protagonist of Clueless.

The ratings of this film on Google is a mere 3.2 stars, with hundreds of reviews saying that it was an average movie. Although many agree with this movie being non-recommendable, it still fits the theme of movies that teens enjoy watching. Starting from cliches to a major plot twist, this movie is not a bad one. It depicts joyful scenes of dancing and illustrates the world with humorous lines using sarcasm. There can only be one way to find out if this movie fits one’s interests.

This film is a perfect example of a coming-of-age movie. With eye-opening messages and life lessons for teens, this movie is great to watch with friends. Since the setting fast forwards to 2022 from 2002, it shows how teens in the new generation act compared to twenty years ago. Although it is certainly comical, it makes watchers think about how different society has become and how it has evolved over the course of time. It may be a little exaggerated, but it is surprising how realistic it relates to society now. There is no doubt that this funny and heart-warming film will not put a smile on people’s faces.