Preuss Celebrates Asian-American Pacific Islander Month

Anthony Sapp, Editorial Writer

May was officially recognized as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, or AAPI month, by congressional staffer Frank Horton in 1977. In order to celebrate and appreciate this dedicated month, two Sophomores, Nicole Nyguen and Vy Ho, are hosting a panel with staff members of Preuss that fit into the AAPI community. Here, students will listen and ask questions about experiences in the life as an Asian American on May 27th, 2022.

Vy Ho, one of the founders of this event, says, “The panel will talk about Asian American struggles with racism and things that are important to their lives. We’re doing this to spread awareness and honor AAPI month.” She later explains that it’s important for people to show not only to learn about AAPI experiences, but to see how amazing the art of boba is.

Hosted during SCS in the Walton Center, this event will hand out free Tapioca Express discounts in order to encourage participation. After the presentation, students will be directed to enjoy discounted drinks at the Price Center and funds will go to NAMI in order to fund the Ukrainian Refugee support plan from 4:00pm to 6:00pm at Tapioca Express.