Biden to Terminate Trump’s Border Policy

Anthony Sapp, Editorial Writer

In an effort to terminate Trump’s border policy era, the Biden’s administration plans to lift Title 42 on May 23rd in order to grant access of passage to over 1.7 million U.S-Mexican asylum seekers. Created during Trump’s presidency in March 2020, Title 42’s purpose was to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic through the denial of migration of those looking to claim asylum. While controversy over the intentions of the Title continues between Republicans and Democrats, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention plans to terminate this dissension.

From the time former president Donald Trump Jr. was elected into office, his views on the immigrant community were quite clear. From statements like, “Why are we having all these people from shitehole countries come here? Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out,” to making jokes about shooting undocumented immigrants crossing into the US border. His only response, “The press has gone Crazy. Fake News!!!”. Trump’s negative comments on immigrants made the intention of Title 42 a little suspicious. The enactment of this title in March 2020 has led thousands of migrants to camp in horrible conditions along Northern Mexico after being denied entry. The Title itself seemed to be used as an enforcement tactic rather than keeping public health measures in mind.

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott has used Trump’s strategy to oppose the Biden administration on April 14th. Without government official instruction, Abbott bused hundreds of migrants towards Washington, D.C. along with his statement, “Texas should not have to bear the burden of the Biden Administration’s failure to secure our border.” Other Republicans have shared Abbott’s views and sued the administration and criticized them based on their lifting decision. Abbott has even gone as far as to say that, “Texas will immediately begin taking unprecedented action to do what no state has done in American history to secure our border.” Jen Psaki, the White House’s Press Secretary responded in a press briefing that, “I think it’s pretty clear this is a publicity stunt. Enforcement of our country’s immigration laws lies with the federal government, not a state.” Washington has thanked Governor Abbott for transporting the migrants, but others condone him for overstepping his boundaries

Biden’s Administration has even kept to the Title’s original goal, stopping the spread of COVID-19 through the holding of vaccination clinics and proof of vaccine at ports of entry. A Senior counselor in the Department of Justice even explained that there is no lawful justification for denial of immigration and with the introduction of vaccines. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed that there is “no scientific basis as a public health measure”. The only downside to efforts of removing the Title while defending against the spread of the Coronavirus is equal access for each asylum seeker for vaccines. Technology used to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus has already been created, making Trump’s Title, in some ways, irrelevant.

Current President Joe Biden has yet to make a set in stone plan for welcoming over 170,000 migrants in accordance with DHS, yet the termination of Title 42 is one that has little to no disadvantages. With the leniency granted to Governor Greg Abbott and previous statements, it’s safe to say that he is of more concern than the influx of new migrants.