How to Celebrate Earth Day

Lesly Castillo, Entertainment Writer

Earth Day came! Earth day was on April 22, 2022. Earth Day is celebrated annually on the same day. Earth day is a day for everyone to participate in, excluding all religions and opinions. Earth day is for helping out our environment here on Earth. Earth Day was established on April 22, 1970. It was established on that day because rallies were held in Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and most other American cities according to the Environmental Protection Agency on

On Earth Day, the usual colors to represent that day are green and if not, the color blue. Green represents all the grass, trees, bushes, leaves, etc. Blue represents the water in our world. Mother nature in general is very important and with mother nature is all the plants and water, etc. Earth Day is the day we actually should be cleaning up, since people should be cleaning every day to keep our planet clean so we can all continue to live healthily.

Earth Day is meant to spread awareness about environmental issues that have been affecting us and our planet from climate change and global warming which have been issues that we have been facing as humans on this planet for a while now. Usually, there would be groups of people volunteering to walk around either a park, beach, freeways, etc., that would wear the same clothing representing Earth Day and with a trash bag and something to pick up the trash with. Don’t be afraid to join them and help out!

In order to participate in Earth Day, your only job as a human being is honestly just to clean, it’s that easy! Pick up any trash you see where it’s not supposed to be, recycle, conserve water, plant a tree, water your plants, etc. Small things help out our planet as well as even doing community service, it can help out when applying to colleges as an extracurricular activity and helps out our planet. Whatever trash people see, whether it’s theirs or not, people should still pick it up and right there is already an improvement to the planet and to our animals so they won’t choke on any of our trash. Be nice to mother nature and she’ll be nice back.

This is our 52nd year celebrating Earth Day but people should still continue to clean up everyday, people shouldn’t have to just clean once a year on Earth Day to help our planet, clean everyday!