Lorax Gardening Club Sells Plants


Angelina Gonzalez, School News Editor

To celebrate Earth Day, the Lorax Gardening Club (LGC) will tentatively be hosting a Plant Sale during high school lunch on Friday, May 20th. As taught to us by the Lorax, and many scientists, it is important to preserve our environment; otherwise there will be significant consequences in the future. In order to spread awareness, earthday.org urges people to “invest in our planet,” and in order to do so,  purchase a plant from the LGC for $1 – $15. 

Not only will the club be selling plants, but they will also host a trivia contest. Questions for this trivia contest will be regarding the history of our beloved Lorax Statue, the creation of the Lorax Gardening Club, and the importance of community service. A member from the club will be conducting the trivia through a Kahoot or a quiz, so stay tuned. What will this prize be? You guessed it! A plant. Majority of the plants they will be selling or giving away as prizes will be succulent plants.

“Gardening Club has always done plant sales so students can take them home and take care of what they bought. This year for Earth Day we thought a plant sale was perfect… the purpose of Earth Day is to appreciate the beauty of nature,” explained the LGC President, Mariana Arevalo (‘22).

Members of the LGC will be more than happy to answer any questions regarding the care of any plant that is purchased. 

The funds made from this plant sale will go straight to LGC’s finances. The club hopes to continue planning big projects with these funds, such as the Zen Garden Project. The Zen Garden will provide a peaceful space for students to study or wind down. 

“We are putting up a Shinto gate that [retired founding Preuss history teacher,] Mr. Romer suggested and it was made by [engineering teacher,] Mr. Rupert and his students,” provided Arevalo. 

The Earth is our home and it is our obligation to take care of it. There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day, but on Friday, May 20th the Lorax Gardening Club will be using the day to spread the beauty of nature by selling students plants. When bought, consider what buying a plant means and the good you are doing for the Earth by taking care of it.