Art Department Prepares for Upcoming Festival of the Arts Extravaganza


Ellery Juarez

Frida Acevedo (’23)

Diego Albarran, School News Writer

On April 21, the Preuss Art Department is hosting the 7th annual Festival of Arts event in the Walton Center from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. This highly awaited event features the artwork of both high school and middle school students attending The Preuss School UC San Diego. From student art, ceremony, live performances, clubs and fashion shows.

Arts Educator/ Fine Arts Chair Teacher Ms.Noorzay states,” This year’s event will be fantastic now that we are in person because we can have a proper show with live performances and see the art in person.”

The Festival of Arts aims to showcase the learning and creativity from students in the Art Department in a yearly festival by displaying different art genres and performances organized by students. Before the Festival of Arts begins, Ms.Noorzay will begin the Zen Garden dedication ceremony from 4:00pm to 5:00pm to celebrate the new Zen Garden at The Preuss School UC San Diego campus. The Zen Garden is a place dedicated for students to relax and have a place to clear their mind as The Preuss School UC San Diego targets this year to help the mental health of students.

At 5:00pm, the Art Department will showcase artwork inside the Walton Center. From 5:00pm-6:00pm, Rock band artists will perform their songs while students and teachers walk around looking at the displayed art. One new display this year is the 6th grader’s Social Justice art exhibit created at the UC San Diego Craft Center during their camp experience. In addition, other students are also able to highlight their talents in the live show. The Fashion Club will also continue with their yearly tradition of the Festival of the Arts Fashion show that displays original style and design of clothes created by students.

Student attending the event, Andre Gurrola(24’) comments, “ I’m excited for the event because there will be many shows and displays that I will have the chance to see. ”

Altogether, this will be a fun filled event showcasing various art displays and live performances by students and professionals. Also acknowledging the artwork of professional artists for the amazing artwork drawn around The Preuss School UC San Diego campus that brightens up the concrete walls with narrative art that tells a story that students can empathize with.