Actors Amaze Viewers in Oscars Outfits

Maria Verduzco, Editorial Writer

The Oscars took place last week, and for many the most memorable moment of the night was Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. I’d like to take a break from all of the drama and comments surrounding The Slap™, and focus on some of the best and worst looks from that night.

I’ll start with actor Andrew Garfield in Saint Laurent. His outfit was an amazing breath of fresh air from all the boring black and white tuxedos. The loose ribbon style bow tie makes a very subtle but elegant difference. The velvet of his blazer also provides a different texture that’s appealing to the eye.

Next: Serena Williams in Gucci. I love the flowiness of the fabric. The shoulder pads following the bishop sleeves add great dimension and the black lace gloves tie perfectly with the black floral accents around the neckline of the dress. The short bob she has also nicely adds to the look; it’s very simple and doesn’t take away from the overall look. This is probably one of my favorite looks from that night.

Continuing with my favorite looks of the night, Renate Reinsve in Louis Vuitton looked gorgeous. Again, the material of the dress looks very light and flowy; it seems like a comfortable dress to wear. I also really like the edge it has. The deep neckline as well as the slit running up the middle nicely shows off skin while remaining elegant and red carpet-worthy. Although I’m not a huge fan of the ruffled lace hanging from the top of the neckline, it does provide a little more coverage, but it seems a little random.

Now with my least favorite looks of the night: Lupita Nyong’o in Prada. I’m not a huge fan of sequins, and having this dress be completely made of sequins automatically made me dislike it. The dress is all gold and has a pink polka dot pattern across the top that quickly fades out and is replaced by gold fringe on the skirt. It definitely is an interesting look, but maybe not in a good way. The fringe at the bottom vaguely reminds me of party tinsel. Considering the dress is all sequins, the bunched up sleeves look like they’d be very uncomfortable and itchy. Overall I believe that Lupita Nyong’o is a beautiful actress but this dress isn’t doing her justice.

The last look I would like to draw attention to is Alana Haim in Louis Vuitton. The dress is pretty, but it’s just too plain and not Oscar worthy. The mermaid scale pattern throughout the whole dress is a little questionable. The cut of the dress is also very plain and straight; it’s not very flattering. The lack of accessories also adds to the plain look. I do believe the right jewelry could have made this dress work for the Oscars. There was lots of potential for this look and sadly they just didn’t do anything with it.