8th Grade Faces Off Faculty in Kickball

Idiris Abbi, School News Writer

The 8th Graders vs. Teachers Kickball game will be held on Friday, March 25th, during Scholar Centered Support hour, from 4-5. The 8th grade vs. staff game follows a long standing tradition at Preuss., and in past years it’s been trending towards kickball every year. It will be held on the Manchester field near the basketball courts.

8th graders are welcome to sign themselves up during advisory. Students are also more than welcome to watch, and snacks will be available for sale. The 8th Grade V. Teachers Kickball game has always been something 8th graders have been looking forward to.

“Honestly I am really excited to go against some of my favorite teachers” Idiris Ibrahim (‘26) states. I can’t wait to rub it in their faces that they got beat by a bunch of kids.”

The 8th Grade v. Teachers Kickball game has traditionally been where students and teachers build stronger relationships. It is a way to release the stress built up over the year, and truly understand how tight knit the Preuss community is. It’s meant to be just a fun time where students take a break from all their hard work.

Mr.Kim, the middle school ASB advisor, and the rest of middle school ASB have been more than eager to get this started. We did not have any Kickball game since the 2019-2020 school year, due to the quarantine. This new batch of 8th graders haven’t seen any game yet, so this will be their first experience with it. Middle School ASB has a lot of work on their hands, but it is nothing they can’t handle.

“ASB has been working hard to get this thing off the ground, and fingers crossed the game runs smoothly with little to no issues” Mr. Kim explains. “Having said that, I believe that everyone involved will have a great time. The hobbies of various teachers are entwined with their careers as well.”

Friday will be a day where students can take a break from reality for a second and go against people that they look up to, and have their best interests in mind. It will no doubt result in a good time for both parties.