Texas Family Investigations Put on Hold

Maria Verduzco, Editorial Writer

Last month three families in Texas were put under investigation due to reports of allowing their transgender minor to recieve any sort of gender affirming care. This was after Governor Greg Abbott released a letter stating that any minor receiving gender affirming medical help is a victim of child abuse, and that the gaurdian of said minor should be put under investigation. In a previous article of mine I mentioned how damaging these views can be to the trans community as well as how damaging it can be to a trans minor’s mental health.

Within these three families, one of them included a family in which the mom was put on administrative leave after having her boss find out about her transgender 16 year old. Her transgender child was receiving prescribed gender affirming care in order to help over come her gender dysphoria, my last article also includes what gender dysphoria is and it’s effects on one’s mind. The families opposed the investigations stating that Governor Abbott’s letter holds no legal merit and that having a child abuse investigation on their record could cause irreparable harm, and thus the investigations were put on hold.

Attorney General Ken Paxton made a statement saying, “democratic judge tries to halt legal and necessary investigations into those trying to abuse our kids through ‘trans’ surgeries and prescription drugs” and soon after appealed the judge’s decision. Paxton’s appeal was denied and on Monday, March 21, the appeals court restated that undergoing these investigations can cause harm not only to the families under investigation but also to the transgender community and the taboo behind it. Thankfully the investigations were halted indefinitely.