Netflix’s The Adam Project Is a Must-See

Mateo "Schirmsklojm" Dueñas, Entertainment Writer

rtesy The Adam Project, directed by Shawn Levy and released on March 11, 2022, is Netflix’s most recent sci-fi action movie. Starring both Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell as Adam (I’ll get into that later) and Mark Ruffalo as their father Louis, this movie brings together so many distinct movie genres.

The movie begins with Ryan Reynolds’ Adam flying a futuristic jet in the year 2050. Future Adam is shot down by an enemy fighter jet, but not before he flies straight through a wormhole. Future Adam intends to travel to 2018 to stop the villain Sorian played by Catherine Keener, from coming to power. But, he crash lands in the year 2022, 4 years off-course.
Meanwhile, in 2022, Walker Scobell’s Adam runs away from his school bullies. Young Adam is a short, scrawny, 12-year-old boy that can’t seem to keep his mouth shut around his classmates. He is suspended from school for getting punched by his bully, and he is picked up by his mother Ellie, played by Jennifer Garner. Once home, Ellie prepares for a date, and Young Adam seems to hate that she is looking for a romantic partner. It is later revealed that Adam’s father dies in 2018.

Soon after Ellie is gone, Young Adam finds Future Adam rummaging through his house. This kickstarts the story as Future Adam explains to Young Adam why he’s traveled back in time to 2022. They are attacked by the future military working for Sorian, and Future Adam’s wife Laura, played by Zoe Saldaña, saves their lives.

Seeing two actors playing the same character at the same time was truly surprising. As per usual, Ryan Reynolds does a tremendous job at acting like a bold yet immature hero. Seeing his appearance sharply contrast from Walker Schobell, yet both sharing the same mannerisms is amazing.

This element brings a family-adventure feel to what would’ve just been a Terminator knock-off. We see Ryan Reynolds tutor his younger self, hoping that he doesn’t make the same mistakes that he did. Another element that ties this movie with the family-adventure is the addition of Zoe Saldaña’s character, Laura.

Having Laura as Adam’s wife not only raises the stakes, but also shows us Adam’s good side. Before Laura appears in the movie, both Adams are jerks. Neither can seem to keep their mouths shut, with Young Adam putting his wants and needs above his mother’s and Future Adam constantly telling Young Adam of all the mistakes they’ll make.

Laura, however, shows us that Adam is capable of loving, and that his mission is an act of altruism. As the movie approaches its climax, Adam realizes that going back to 2018 to save the future will prevent Adam and Laura from meeting each other.

Another aspect of the movie that I enjoyed is the introduction of Mark Ruffalo’s character as Adam’s dad, Louis. We get to see his compassionate side with his interactions with Young Adam, but his strict side with Future Adam. We learn that Future Adam blames his father for his own death, and that he never truly got to grieve him. Not only does Mark Ruffalo do a great job as a cunning yet empathetic scientist, but he also does a great job as a father that truly cares for his son’s safety.

I would highly recommend this movie. Though it is not as scientifically accurate nor mind-boggling as other sci-fi time-travelers, the family-adventure aspects differentiate it from other movies of its kind.