Netflix Released Underwhelming “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Reboot

Thien "Henit" Nguyen, Entertainment Writer

The “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” was released on February 18, 2022. The movie is the modern sequel of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series.“ The antagonist Leatherface in the movie is highlighted by his human skin carved mask.

The story follows Melody and Lila who came to Harlow, Texas, to start a new life and make money from the sales of abandoned properties. These characters are also the reason the infamous leatherface comes to cause terror in Harlow. 

Melody and Dante, her business partner, caused the death of an old woman who was close friends with Leatherface. This causes the enraged killer to go on a murder spree looking for Melody and Lila. 

One thing that really saved the movie was the blood and gore. For a horror-murder movie the gore from Leatherface was great. A villain that gets straight to the point doesn’t wait for the character’s dialogue before killing them.

The problem with the movie is that the characters are very dumb. Some of the characters had so many chances to end the killer but never did, even though they knew he was the killer. The police didn’t find out until towards the end of the movie and Leatherface as a nearly 70 year old man seemed to be much more agile than most of the characters.

In the previous movies, Sally Hardesty was the survivor that escaped and bested Leatherface. So when she comes back you would expect her to take out Leatherface, or at least put up a good fight. However, neither of this happens and she effortlessly gets killed.   

The reboot was definitely not worth the watch unless all that’s wanted is a good scare. For a Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. This was very underwhelming compared to the other movies in the past. and I don’t recommend it.