Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Announced to Release Soon

Thien "Henit" Nguyen, Entertainment Writer

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are being released on the Nintendo Switch during the fall of 2022 without an official release date yet. This will be the 9th generation of Pokemon games being released.

Seeing the trailers, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet looks like a more well-polished Pokemon Sword and Shield which people are really hoping for. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Within the trailer, we can see the three new starters Sprigatio, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. As the previous generational game had open-world fans can expect a better open world from the new game as clearly shown in the trailer. The game also seems to be based on Spain and the names of the starters and structures seen in the trailer. As a long-time Pokemon fan I’m looking forward solely based on the aesthetic and how beautiful the trailer was.