Boys Varsity Basketball Eliminated From Playoffs

Idiris Abbi, School News Writer

The Boys Varsity Basketball team fought valiantly against El Cajon Valley high school on February 16th, but sadly fell short. The score was 80-62, and it was down to the wire at halftime. Preuss cut El Cajon Valleys’ early lead to just 4 at the half, but sadly were plagued by injuries. Injuries to key players, such as Miguel Tolentino(‘22), Abdelrahman Abdalla(‘22), and Bill Cooper(‘22) made it very difficult for the rest of the team to climb back.

“We fought hard out there, and to come up short is a bit heartbreaking,” Miguel Tolentino(‘22) clarified. “I’m confident in the next group of guys to take the mantle and run it back next year.”

The team fought hard all season, and even were at risk of their season getting cut short back in January. This was due to the extended remote learning following the end of winter break. Mr. Fulchiron, the Athletics Advisor, scheduled games during a tight schedule which caused winter sports to have their respective seasons again.

Even with the early exit, the team still accomplished making the playoffs, something that has eluded boys varsity basketball for quite some time now. The last time the team made the playoffs was 2018, our first playoff berth in four years.

“I know we came up short, but it was amazing growing with my team this year,” Abdelrahman Abdalla(‘22) stated. “Next year will be better for them.”

The appearance of a new coach, the uncertainty of a season, and Covid scares are all factors of what made this season difficult for Preuss basketball. Against all odds, the team still pulled through and made a push to make the playoffs. 11 of the 14 man roster consisted of seniors, so they knew this year they had to put all their cards on the table. It didn’t go the way the hoped, but memories were made this season.

“I am so proud of the group of guys I have with me, and I am thankful to be able to have coached them,” Coach Rasean explained.” “Let’s see what next year holds.”