What Triggered the Fire Alarm?

Brian Ponce, School News Writer

Tuesday, February 1st seemed like an average morning for everyone at the Preuss School UC San Diego, with students and teachers waiting for the first class of the day, until all of a sudden, the fire alarm went off.

As the alarm rang profusely across campus, Preuss students and faculty immediately flocked over to the Manchester field, a standard protocol for fire-related school emergencies.

Some students were initially baffled over the untimely alarm since this was no ordinary fire drill.

“I was confused and concerned when I first got off the bus,” expressed high school senior Bezalel Aboye (‘22), who was one of many students that heard the fire alarm when it went off.

Meanwhile, other students were not as concerned about the incident when it occurred.

“I didn’t really care when I heard [the fire alarm] go off,” said Jose De La Torre (‘22).

Over on the field, students were constantly chatting to each other, desperately trying to find the clues that would solve the question: “What happened?”

After the incident occurred, students eventually began to spread false rumors across campus, claiming that the alarm went off after Mr. Fozi’s microwave had apparently “exploded,” which warranted the fire department to be called onto school grounds.

These rumors, however, failed to accurately explain what caused the fire alarm to go berserk on what seemed like another morning at school.

With the help of high school chemistry and physics teacher, Mr. Fozi, The Preuss Insider now knows the true extent of the events that occurred on Tuesday, February 1st.

According to Mr. Fozi, he was “unofficially” told by a school staff member that a “smoke detector had gone off…” in the C-Building, which immediately triggered the fire alarm. He did point out that the school is still not sure as to what exactly caused the fire alarm to be triggered.

He admitted that he didn’t see, smell, or hear anything that resembled a fire or smoke after the alarm went off.

Mr. Fozi addressed the rumors, stating that “no-one was running a microwave…” before the incident. He did acknowledge that he has a microwave in his classroom, which students are allowed to use.

He warned that if students choose to spread false rumors, “it won’t take long for people to realize the truth about you.”