Fortnite’s World-Building Chapter

Mateo "Schirmsklojm" Dueñas, Entertainment Writer

Epic Games released the latest Chapter to their most popular game Fortnite on December 5th, 2021. Similar to previous changes in Season and Chapters, it came with its in-game event and ties to a larger in-game universe, as well as the return of Tilted Towers.

The first addition to Fortnite is its starting cinematic, revealing the Foundation, played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, saving Agent Jones from The Order. As they escape into the rift, the entire Fortnite map is flipped, revealing its true shape in the universe. This new season also brought back the Tilted Towers, which had been removed at the start of Chapter 1 Season 9, roughly 2 years ago.

The most surprising addition to this Chapter is its new ties to the Spider-Man universe, with the addition of Tom Holland’s Spider-man as a playable skin, and the new POI (Point of Interest), The Daily Bugle. Along with Spider-man comes MJ, a playable skin based on Zendaya’s character from the latest Spider-man film. Spider-Man’s addition the Chapter 3’s first Battle Pass

The most substantial changes to the game itself are the sliding mechanic, tents, and Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters. The new sliding mechanic allows the player to slide around, even while shooting. Sliding reduces fall damage and allows a faster way of travel. Tents allow a player to hide, slowly regenerating their health over time. Tents can also store materials and weapons, which are kept there between different matches.

Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters are the most significant additions to the game, as a player can pick them up and swing around like Spider-Man. Swinging with these Web-Shooters also denies any fall damage, unless the player takes damage while in the air. When shot at any loot item or material, the webs will reel them towards the player like the Fishing Rod.

Another major addition to Fortnite are the Klombos and their favorite food, Klomberries, Klombos are large dinosaur-like creatures that roam around the island. They have a large spout at the top of their heads, which can launch players into the air. Klomberries are a new loot item, which regenerates a player’s health/shields. After feeding a Klombo enough Klomberries, they will shoot out a loot item or weapon which the player can pick up.

With the return of old mechanics, and the introduction of new monsters and skins, Fortnite: Chapter 3, is setting up their largest in-game event, hopefully tying the Foundation, the Order, and even Spider-Man to the storyline.