Preuss Celebrates Return of In-Person Homecoming

Spirit was in the air. Students were repping their Greek gods, displaying the posters they made for the athletes and cheering on their peers along with the cheerleaders. The crowd was ecstatic!

The Preuss School UC San Diego students attended Homecoming at RIMAC arena on December 16th. The girls’ basketball team played against Kearny High School with a score of L, 7-42. The boys basketball team also played against Kearny with a loss of 67-75.

Unfortunately, Basketball games will be canceled for the remainder of their seasons, but the team captains are hopeful for next years’ teams.

Girls Basketball Captain, Amaris Jordan (‘22), expressed, “I hope the team takes this as a motivator. I won’t be here next year, but for the rest of the school year we will work on our communication skills on the court. Also, we tend to get very nervous and we don’t play well enough when we are nervous.”

Boys Basketball Captain, Miguel Tolentino (‘22), shared, “Most of the basketball team are seniors, so we are going to start having the underclassmen practice with us to give them more experience and exposure.”

Preuss students are very proud of the basketball teams despite these losses. To motivate the basketball players during their games, students began to repeat cheer chants in show of their support.

Although the games were the main events of homecoming, students engaged in ASB hosted activities during the Girls Basketball game halftime. Students from each grade were gathered on the court to test the spirit of the crowd. Each grade was instructed to cheer as loud as they could to see who was the most enthusiastic. Although the sophomores won the challenge, everybody is a winner by just coming to show their support for their teams.

ASB also announced the Preuss School’s first ever Homecoming Court. Ethan Le and were voted as the junior homecoming nominees. Christine Doan and Amaris Jordan were the senior nominees. They were gifted crowns for their wins.

Not only did Preuss students get to participate in events, but they also watched a performance by the Preuss Cheerleading team. The team was very excited to take part in homecoming as they traditionally have every year. In addition, they were also proud to showcase their abilities. They danced to a remix of The Way I Are by Timberland, 1 2 Step by Ciara, and Na De Na by Angel & Khriz, Gocho and John Eric.

Cheerleading CO-Captain, Analy Perez(‘22), “We worked really hard for this performance and it was extremely rewarding to perform in front of a crowd.”