Christmas Around the World

Christmas is a widely-spread annual holiday celebrated on the 25th of December, where families gather to spend quality time together and give each other thoughtful presents. The backstory of Christmas focuses on the birth of Jesus Christ. Religious families will most likely emphasize this focus while others don’t mention it at all. With separate families in different countries, there are multiple ways to celebrate Christmas.

In Hong Kong, there is an annual “WinterFest”. This festival involves skyscrapers decorated with Christmas lights, fireworks around the area, and a New Year’s countdown. Residents and tourists also celebrate Christmas by visiting the Christmas markets. These markets will sell anything from handmade gifts to alcoholic beverages. They are perfect for Christmas shopping!

In the United Kingdom, families decorate a Christmas tree with lights and ornaments. The decorating process of a “Christmas tree” was first popularized by the United Kingdom, specifically by Prince Albert. Towns and cities are embellished with grand light displays showing images of angels, stars, and more. There is usually an event to watch the “switch” where all the lights are turned on at once. Carol services are also provided throughout December as well as a broadcast message from the Queen on Christmas Day.

In Argentina, the weather during Christmas is warm. Homes are decorated with lights, wreaths and garlands. Christmas trees are also decorated and placed inside the home. Catholics in Argentina usually decorate their home with the Nativity scene. This scene depicts the birth of Jesus Christ. They will also attend and participate in mass which is attending church to worship and pray. In Argentina, fireworks are lit at midnight to celebrate the day of Christmas. There are gatherings and this is when children will open their presents.
In Ethiopia, Christmas is celebrated on January 7th instead of December 25th. This is because the main church, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church uses a different calendar. Starting on November 25th, people will participate in a fast known as the “Fast of the Prophets.” This fast allows people to eat one meal that excludes meat, dairy, eggs, and wine resulting in people only eating vegan meals. This Christmas celebration is called Ganna/Genna and is more of a time for church and games instead of giving gifts.

All around the world, the most-favored holiday is celebrated in multiple ways. Countries have their own traditions and customs to add to this celebration making it more memorable for families. It is well known that Christmas will always be a popular holiday and one of the reasons is because of the diversity to it.