Middle Schoolers Beautify Classroom Doors


A door decorating competition exclusively open for Preuss middle school advisory classes commenced on October 18 and ended on October 27. This exciting door decorating competition, hosted by our Associated Student Body (ASB), challenged middle school students to show their true artistic abilities and gave middle schoolers a chance to spend some fun, quality time with their fellow classmates and their advisory teachers.

This competition turned many dull, ugly doors into beautiful, exciting-looking doors that everyone at Preuss can appreciate. Not everything went smoothly, though. Mr.Carr’s and his advisory students’ door decorations caught on fire. No need to worry, though; no one got hurt and Mr. Brazelton got rid of the fire by using the fire extinguisher.

Despite the unfortunate event, the door decorating competition was an amazing idea that enabled middle schoolers and their advisory teachers to have fun while creating something worthwhile. The reasons Preuss students enjoyed this door decorating competition vastly differed from student to student.

“The door decorating competition was a cool idea… I enjoyed the competition because it made the school look more decorative,” said Rodolfo Castillo (‘22)

“I think that the door decorating [competition] was okay because you can waste time in class,” said Vincent Nguyen (‘27).

Many high school students thought this door decorating competition was a fun idea. The Preuss high school hopes to have our own door-decorating competition in the future so students can illustrate their true artistic abilities and show-off how much better our doors would be compared to the middle-schoolers.

“I would like to have the competition for high schoolers because I think we could decorate better doors and put more detail into them,” expressed Castillo (‘22)

All of the decorated doors looked amazing and proved that middle schoolers are definitely artistic, but there can only be one winner. The winner of this competition ended up being…

Ms. Tan’s advisory class! Coming in second place is Ms. Williston, and in 3rd place is Mr.Meka’s!

If there is a door decorating competition for high schoolers in the future, I’ll definitely help decorate my advisory class’s door because it seems like lots of fun and because you know, I can waste time in class!

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