Preuss Teams Launch Winter Tryouts


Winter Varsity tryouts were held on campus and any high school student could participate to have a chance to be in the Varsity or Junior Varsity (JV) team for the upcoming sport seasons which are soccer and basketball. Girl Soccer and Basketball tryouts were on November eighth and Boys Soccer and Basketball tryouts were on November ninth. Those who make the teams will be required to get an updated physical, maintain good grades, and be signed up to the Final Form system. Final Forms is the system for school districts to collect and manage information related to academic, medical, and athletic paperwork.

EHS Department /Athletics Mr. Fulchiron states, “I already know how most Varsity and JV players play, I’m looking forward to seeing new students I haven’t seen play.”

Winter Tryouts was the best chance for those high school students that are not currently in the Junior Varsity or Varsity to show coaches that they have what it takes to be in the team. For girls soccer tryouts, they played a scrimmage game with players subtituing each other which is also what boys soccer tryouts did. For girls basketball it consisted of drills such as layups and boys basketball had various drills like passing, 3v3s and other team drills. Even students who were practicing with the Varsity team this year could still not make the Varsity team, they will still train with Varsity but play Junior Varsity games.

Varsity soccer player Leo Maya(‘22) declares, “ I’m excited for the tryouts and hope to see new players on the team,”

After tryouts, coaches posted the results of which players made the Varsity and Junior Varsity team for soccer. The roster was in the boys and girls locker rooms the day after and on the Preuss Athletics website along with the amount of games and dates of matches.. Basketball will have a second tryout on November seventeenth and results will be announced the day after.

During the first basketball tryout, Junior Varsity basketball player Fernando Pech (‘23) said, “I was pretty nervous at first because I had a lot of people I had to compete with but I think I did good.”

Ultimately, Winter Tryouts was the best chance for high school students that are not in the Varsity or Junior Varsity to participate and possibly make the teams for soccer or basketball.