Lucasfilm Animations Releases New Star Wars Adaptation

Lucasfilm Animations released an anime based Star Wars adaptation Star Wars: Visions on September 22, 2021 on Disney+. Each episode consists of a different story filled with different characters.

Star Wars: Visions is animated by seven different Japanese studios which came together in order to complete the series.

Visions is one of the most beautifully animated shows currently streamed on Disney Plus, this series takes a unique route from every other Star War series by making nine different stories in one season.

Visions also uses different color contrasts for each episode highlighting different art styles. In episode one, “The Duel,” it hovers over more black and white visuals compared to episode two “Tatoonie Rhapsody,” which goes to a more colorful contrast.

“I liked the art of Star Wars: Visions because each episode had different styles of art while still looking like Star Wars,” said Francisco Silva (‘22). “My favorite episode is 3, because I really like the bright art style the best and the twins were my favorite characters.”

In Visions, every episode leaves the watcher wondering what happens next? Visions had fans wanting more of a character because of the brief show-time which ranged from thirteen to twenty-one minutes each.

A personal favorite character was the nameless Ronin in episode one, he was mysterious with little to no backstory other than he is a wanderer. The writing in Visions keeps fans wanting to learn more about the characters.

“My favorite character is definitely Lop, from being an enslaved subject saved by her father to a Jedi that avenges her fathers defeat in my personal favorite fight scene sealed the deal for me,” said Jimmy Nguyen (‘22).

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed visions mainly due to the animations and fights. Being one of my first Star Wars films in a very long time, it captivated me instantly. Visions having nine different stories, made it unique compared to other Star Wars films.