Student Productivity Differs During SCS


SCS Class | Photographed by Michael Grijalva

High school students can attend their clubs, tutoring for a class, play sports, and work on any school work or hang out in their assigned advisory class during Scholar Centered Support, better known as SCS. SCS was introduced this school year as a new school program at the Preuss School UC San Diego as students come back to in-person learning this year. For high school students, it starts at 4:00 pm and ends at 4:45 pm, then they proceed to have dinner until 5:00 pm. Middle school students have their dinner from 4:00 pm-4:15 pm and they have until 5:00pm to work in their advisory classes.

Science Teacher and Tech Committee Mr.Kim declares, “It is a really good time for students to be able to be productive and relax at the end of the day and the more activities we have available, the more students will be productive.”

Many students are productive and take advantage of the time they have during SCS to get work done, participate in clubs, community hours, and more. Some students also decide to do other activities such as working out in the Fitness Center administered by Mr. Brazelton, this is available to high school students that sign up for the fitness club.

Freshman Brenda Velasques(‘25) states “In SCS I see some people going to their advisory class and just hang out, but also some students are outside trying to find something to do.”

A problem is many students deciding to wander outside of class during SCS. Eventually, students who wander around campus get sent back to class, although many still oppose. This issue has been brought to the attention of Vice Principal Ms.Watson and Principal Dr. Steitz. They send students to where they are supposed to be and make sure that they are being productive and working. This causes a problem because students are required to check in to their advisory class for attendance during SCS, but if students are avoiding being where they are supposed to be and going elsewhere on campus many students will be marked absent.

Sophomore Miguel Santiago(‘24) says, “ I think SCS is not only good for students doing schoolwork but for those who want to be physically productive like working out, students should make sure to do something productive during SCS”

Everything considered, SCS is a new school program that all Preuss students attend and it is a time when students can be productive and make sure they get the help they need for a class. The administration is still trying to resolve the issue of students wandering off during SCS in hopes that every student will be productive during SCS.

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