Preuss Teachers Dabble in Side Hustles


Alex Macias

Mr. Kim | Photographed in Alex Macias

Preuss teachers do it like no other, juggling between educating the future and having their own hobbies is an uphill battle. However, some Preuss teachers have found a balance between the two, and do it quite well. Their past times tell us more about the people who educate us, and how they like to spend their free time.

One example is chemistry teacher Mr. Kim’s own specialty coffee roasting company. Mr. Kim’s coffee company is something he has been cultivating for a while, and the whole idea stemmed from his original love of coffee.

“I enjoy the roasting side of coffee because it lets me nerd out a bit thinking of how different variables within the coffee, where it is grown, how it is grown, and so much more, affect the way that the end cup tastes,” Mr. Kim explains, “I loved learning more about its journey from seed to cup and how there is so much more to the industry than just the drink and beans themselves.”

The hobbies of various teachers are entwined with their careers as well. Mr.Kim, a science teacher, is a coffee fanatic and is intrigued by the scientific side of it, including all the different variables in making coffee, and sustainable practices related to it. Mr. Kim is a great example of how versatile and diligent Preuss teachers can be, but he isn’t the only one with a side hustle.

When Mr. Carr isn’t teaching middle school history, he dabbles in stock trading. “I started stock trading during the pandemic, and quickly grew an interest in it” Mr. Carr elucidates. “I started researching all different types of stocks, and the news around them, so I can maximize my profits.”

Mr. Carr uses his experience as a history teacher towards stock trading as well. Being a history teacher teaches one to look at trends, and to specifically look at the timing and past events to help foresee the future of an individual stock.

Mr. Carr clarifies, “For example, airline stocks were down, and the reason why people weren’t traveling was because of covid, and I knew when covid was over that it would go up again. We as history teachers look at economics as well,”

Ms. Mak, a math teacher, even started up her own handwriting and calligraphy business. Being a teacher, the job entails a lot of writing, which she fell in love with.

“I sell cards and personalized gifts, and also do custom calligraphy for events like weddings or baby showers. I make signs, do envelope addressing, and can write on almost any type of surface.” Ms. Mak elucidates.

All in all, it can be surprising what Preuss teachers like to do in their free time, and some might think that they are too buried in their work to have hobbies, Preuss teachers make it work and have fun doing so. When they aren’t educating the future, they are working on other aspects of their life.