Seniors Slacking, Neglecting Schoolwork


After a full school year of online remote learning, Preuss juniors, now seniors, were able to finally return back to school this August. However, as time flew by, within weeks of returning to school, the mid-semester report cards were given out, known commonly as “progress reports”. Weeks later, School Counselor, Mrs. Ruthie Carrillo, held an online meeting with parents and students, where she explained the process and expectations before going to college, while also giving an analyzation that is pretty common at Preuss; which is that during senior semesters, many students begin to slack off due to being “near the end of the finish line”, which steadily decreases their academic performances. Is slacking a problem, specifically for seniors?

Slacking is not actually a downright negative effect on students, neither is it a positive light. On the contrary, slacking in any school environment is common. This is when students begin their homework and any class work that they didn’t finish last minute close to the deadline often hoping for the best. However, doing it daily is another issue, this is when students begin to reduce the quality of their work, often not caring about if it’s good or bad.

Mrs. Carillo along with the rest of the Counselor advised that every senior should continue to focus on their school work as well as begin their college application processes. Weeks later, October has come, meaning that California State University (CSU) applications have been submitted, with the expectation of a 4 year admission. However, seniors seem indifferent about this milestone which can affect the quality and quantity of their current school work.

Dr. Weber, a teacher at Preuss, has worked with seniors and had an advisory class before, and offers his opinion about slacking? “I have kids who are slacking and doing quite well, and I have kids who are trying really hard but they are not succeeding… I also think that towards the end of the year they improve.” Dr. Weber also gave advice to any student who is slacking. “I say one, try not to  see it as a medical condition. Somehow you are just a slacker, everything is a choice, so choose wisely.” 

Seniors are still in touch with the school community here at Preuss, yet they are now beginning to get ready for their university decision, which causes many to be both nervous and stressed out, knowing that this is a big step they’re taking. However, does slacking affect them in their school time. Senior Rodolfo Castillo (22), while having a good mid-semester report card, expressed his thought of slacking. “I think slacking depends on what their situation is,” Rodolfo stated. “I think there’s definitely some way to be more focused on school, but they rather focus on stuff they like.”

Slacking is nothing to worry about unless it becomes habitual, and starts to affect them. Seniors seem to have no worries so far in the school year, despite the constant stress of college applications that is happening currently, and that they’re going to graduate within eight months, which is not far away. Still, some are willing to take that chance and allow themselves to enjoy their last year, only for them to falter behind. However, slacking is not a habitual thing, but a common choice that many are willing to allow themselves to get into.