Soccer and Lacrosse Return to Competition

After a year of Varsity teams not being able to compete due to the COVID-19 lockdown, The Preuss School UC San Diego has switched to in-person learning and all Varsity teams have been approved to compete this year. The Preuss School is following the same guidelines of UC San Diego; it requires new COVID-19 restrictions and protocols that students must follow. During Scholared Centered Support(SCS), varsity players will have that time to practice and play more which will help them get back into playing in school and ready for competing.

Varsity Soccer player Angel Lugo (‘24) stated, “ I think the Covid lockdown did impact the team because some players that were not playing during the lockdown are a bit rusty, but after a while they will be good.”

COVID-19 may have affected some players from both Soccer and Lacrosse if they were not able to play nor compete during the time of in-remote learning. This can affect a player’s performance when competing and become overwhelmed after not competing for a long time.

Varsity Lacrosse player Jose Bautista (23) declares, “After a while of not competing, it’s good to be back in person and hope that everything goes well, and hope that Covid won’t ruin things.”

COVID-19 is still the main concern of the Preuss Administracion when it comes to the safety of Preuss students. This means that COVID-19 can jeopardise Varsity seasons and prevent them from playing if COVID-19 gets worse. During remote classes last year, California used a four-tier color system to evaluate COVID-19 risk in each of its 58 counties, and high school sports were assigned different colored tiers based on levels of contact and whether they are indoor or outdoor. Purple is the highest, followed by red (substantial), orange (moderate) and yellow (minimal). As of right now, Preuss follows COVID-19 regulations from the California State for varsity sports that follow up to San Diego County and get approved by UC San Diego for Preuss.

EHS Department /Athletics Mr. Fulchiron announced, “For some varsity sports they still need to follow covid restrictions such as masks for volleyball.”

All things considered, the Soccer and Lacrosse Varsity teams will be bound to adjust to the new school year by practicing during their Athletics block, as well as Student Centered Support hour. They plan on giving it their best during their competitions.