Preuss Clubs Invite YOU


The Preuss School UC San Diego clubs invited Preuss students to sign up during the Annual Club Fair that was held on Wednesday, September 22nd. For this year’s Club Fair, videos of clubs were available for students to watch to learn about the different clubs Preuss offers. On the 22nd of September clubs were posted between A and B buildings and had sign up sheets for people who were interested in signing up. Although the official day to sign up has passed, clubs are still welcoming students to sign up.

Participating in clubs is very beneficial as it will help introduce students to new projects. During remote learning the Multicultural Empowerment Club (MCE) collaborated with the Art Club to create a mural. The mural is made out of an abundance of mini canvas’ that either depict symbols or a letter. When put together the canvas’ spell out “Preuss Tritons Stronger Together.”

Co-President of the Multicultural Empowerment Club, Mariana Arevalo (‘22) explained, “Its purpose was to make sure Preuss felt like home, a safe space where [preuss students’] culture is appreciated. Its ultimate goal is to make sure my peers feel united at Preuss.”

Numerous clubs on campus are planning on beginning new amazing projects.

Ecology Club advisor Ms. Petraglia has stated that the club will begin a new composting project on the school campus. Not only that but well-known clubs have also achieved incredible accomplishments.

Model United Nations hosted their second Torrey and Triton Conference over Zoom last year as well as attended the Yale MUN conference. The Preuss Robotics team won the 2018 First Robotics Regional Competition and qualified for the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology) Worlds Robotics Competition in Texas.

In addition, prestigious clubs such as the Spanish National Honors Society (SNHS) and the National Honors Society (NHS) have and will continue to positively impact the community by participating in community service projects. A very popular community service project that the Spanish National Honors Society will be hosting is the Buy a Llama fundraiser.

Member of the SNHS, Analy Perez (‘22) conveyed, “I enjoy helping out with this fundraiser because I know that it will have a positive impact on South American families in need.”

That is not one of the only benefits to joining a club, participating members will also get a genuine club experience. Students will have the chance to connect with club officers about their passions and get to work alongside their peers to complete club activities.

Yesenia Preciado (‘22), Co-President of the Finance/Sports Fundraising Club expressed, “I’m excited to collaborate with students one-on-one! [Participants] are willing to participate more in person and I get to see everyone’s faces which will make it feel less lonely than it was on Zoom.”
Clubs have undergone many steps in order to prepare for this school year; some clubs have already established officers for their club and activities for upcoming events. Hopefully, Preuss students will be able to participate in many of the activities clubs have planned when they sign up for a club!