8th Grade Promotion Unfolds

Gabriela Comparan, Editorial Writer

Wednesday, June 16th at 4pm, 8th grade exhibition will be held for all the 8th grade students to attend online in their UP teachers’ Zoom. This year’s 8th grade advisory teachers are Ms. Noorzay, Dr. Ensberg, Ms. Garcia, and Mr. Arias.

Although the 8th graders last “normal” year at Preuss was also their first, and half of their 7th grade year got cut short, so they didn’t get much time to learn in person, but their safety was put first and priority was given to the seniors who are graduating in-person at Preuss this year.

From 4-5 pm, the 8th graders will be celebrating their exhibition in their own UP classes and from 5-6 pm, a YouTube movie premiere will play and the link for it will be provided by the UP teachers.