Final’s Week Schedule Announced

Angelina Gonzalez, Editorial/School News Writer

The Preuss School UC San Diego’s finals week will commence on Thursday, June 10th and end on Tuesday, June 15th. In addition, the 16th and 17th of June will be short days. Blocks 5 and 7 will be on Thursday, blocks 1 and 3 will be on Friday, blocks 2 and 4 will be on Monday, and last but not least blocks 6 and 8 will be on Tuesday. The first block will be from 8:55am-11:20am and the second block will be from 12:20pm-2:45pm. On June 16th and 17th students will still have two blocks a day and both days will be an A day. Block 1 will be from 8:55 am-10:35 and block 2 will be from 10:45 am-12:25 pm on Wednesday, June 16th and blocks 3 and 4 will be on the following day with the same schedule.

Reymundo Cedillo(‘22) expressed, “The way finals week is split into two different weeks feels both good and bad. I like how we get a break in between them, but I also just want to get them over within one week. Some advice I want to give to my peers is to just power through finals week because summer break is right in front of us.