The Amazing Ms. Agliam


Ms. Agliam, currently a PE teacher and previously the vice principal, is a middle school teacher, sixth-grade advisor, and the fourth wheel teacher for the senior class. She played soccer and volleyball when she was a kid. She played volleyball competitively in middle school and high school. Although she received a scholarship, she didn’t play volleyball in college.

She has been a PE teacher at Preuss since 2005. To stay active, she likes walking, camping, and fishing

“I was always active growing up and I wanted to keep and share the mindset to stay active for health.”

She shared, “The best thing about being a PE teacher is that you have a class outside, not to be confined by the fourth wall, although it does get tricky when it does rain.”

When Covid started and no one could go to school, she had to change what and how she was teaching. She had to stay at home, and she had to teach students in her Zoom class.

She adds, “To be a PE teacher in remote learning, I focus a lot on teaching the students about mindfulness and mental health.”

When she is not teaching about fitness and sports, she can be found cheering for San Diego State and the University of Hawaii. She doesn’t have a favorite football team, because Peyton Manning retired from the game. Maybe Ms. Agliam’s new favorite athlete will be one of Preuss’s athletes?