Juniors Plan for SAT Despite Obstacles

As the end of the school year comes closer, we are all looking forward to a summer of fun, but with SAT testing coming up, there is still much to be done. Most Preuss Juniors will be taking the SAT in May or June, but due to COVID, students have faced many obstacles as they begin the process of registering and preparing for the SAT.

“I feel nervous that I won’t get a good score, but if I do then it will be helpful despite the fact that most colleges aren’t considering them,” stated Briseida Aparicio (‘22).

With the uncertainty of what the application process will look like next year, students are doing all they can to make sure that they are on track. Many have picked up the supplies available from the Preuss library in order to prepare for the test.

“I’m studying the SAT book they gave at school and using Khan academy for online studying,” shared Briseida Aparicio (‘22)

The SAT book is not the only way students are preparing for the test. Ms. Chovy is dedicating a unit to reviewing math that will be on the SAT, and some advisory teachers and family members are helping our Preuss students review as well.

“The SAT seems a little menacing at first, but my uncle did really well on his and he wants to help me study during the summer. I also know that Ms. Anderson is gonna do some group exercises for it,” states, Eric Hernandez (‘22)

Studying for the SAT has not been the only part students have to worry about; finding a testing site within a reasonable distance has proven to be more of a challenge than we anticipated.

“There weren’t any locations nearby, the closest was in Oceanside or Borrego springs. I wish that I could take it under better circumstances,” shared Yahir Solano (‘22)

Not only has it been difficult to find locations close to home but some of the locations students signed up for such as San Diego High were canceled. Those who signed up for those locations will now have to wait until Fall to take the SAT. Those who need supplies to study for the SAT can go pick up an SAT book at the Preuss Library as well as ask their advisory teachers to set up review sessions. The College Board is also offering practice tests as well as study groups and links to Khan Academy.