Picking up New Hobbies over Quarantine

Haley Gonzalez Diaz

March 13th, 2021 marked the one year anniversary of students being sent home for two weeks before spring break, unaware that it would be their last day in school. Since then, shorter school days and online classes have allowed students to pick up on new interests and hobbies such as knitting, music, binge-watching tv shows/ movies, and reading. 


Maria Aguirre (‘21) reflects, “The pandemic this past year has given me the time to explore and learn new things. I picked up the electric guitar and started reading for entertainment. I even got back into crochet. Although the situation surrounding quarantine has been less than ideal, I am grateful for the things I have been able to do with my time.”


Bezalel Aboye (‘22) observes, “Because of quarantine, I’ve had more time to read whether that’s news or for pleasure. In particular, politics concerning minorities has interested me the most.”


Others have also marked milestones during this time such as obtaining their driver’s permit or license, and even gotten a job. 


Kariely Berdeja (‘21) concurs, “I honestly like working! And it’s been nice being able to balance both school and work. At first I was concerned because I knew I would be working and interacting with people during a pandemic, but so far I’ve been safe.” Berdeja goes on to emphasize, “ It doesn’t feel like a whole year , it feels less than that! But I’ve been getting by day by day.”


This past year has allowed students to learn how to push through academic struggles while using hobbies to their advantage. Students use newly found avocations as motivation to complete their school work and get through the days. 


Aboye reflects, “As an athlete, I’ve been able to reach a certain rating . That rating opens up more opportunities for college. Staying at home gives me more time to reflect. It has allowed me to focus on my personal growth.” 


Berdeja emphasizes, “However, I do believe I could’ve had more academic and other program opportunities to delve into my personal and career interests. But due to the pandemic that’s a bit challenging!”


Having been in quarantine for a whole year due to COVID-19 has inspired Preuss students to think about their future plans and to explore new interests, which allow them to be productive with so much extra time on their hands.