Godzilla vs. King Kong 2021 Movie

A new sci-fi epic movie battle between Godzilla and King Kong will be released on March 28th of 2021. The film is directed by Adam Wingard, who worked on movie-directing for over ten years. His genre mainly focuses on horror, action, and sci-fi such as The Guest, You’re Next, Death Note, and lots more.

Due to the pandemic and the increase of coronavirus cases, the movie was put on halt until it was safe enough for it to be released. Thus, it will be released later this March or after spring break in May of 2021.

The idea of this epic battle emerged when Legendary, a 2020 web series, and Warner Bros decided to put together two iconic giants, Godzilla with King Kong in one dystopian universe where they fight an endless battle against each other.

In Wingard’s interview in the Warner Bros studio, he stated that as soon as he talked to Legendary about the project, he reached every single Godzilla and King Kong movie to re-experience his childhood to a certain degree.

The new movie also had an upgrade on King Kong. In the previous movies such as Skull Island, the giant gorilla was only a third of the size of Godzilla.

MonsterVerse, a sci-fi multimedia franchise, had updated the gorilla’s age. King Kong in Skull Island was an adolescent whose job was to defend Skull Island against the Skull Crawlers. He is now a grown adult in the Godzilla vs. Kong movie. They also decided to upgrade the gorilla by maximizing its size to make it equivalent to Godzilla. That way, King Kong wouldn’t be defeated easily and would have more strength to attack its opponent.

“I remember as a kid,” Wingard stated, “Having arguments literally on the playground with my friends about who would win in a fight of King Kong versus Godzilla. That’s what was exciting about doing this film was that I was able to put my stamp on that question of who would win.”

The Godzilla vs. Kong movie is a thrilling and epic battle that most teens and young-adults will enjoy. Preuss students will love the thrilling climax and suspense as they’ll watch two of the most famous monsters battle each other. The movie not only gives the audience an epic battle, but also a perspective of these two iconic giants as they fight until one only remains to rule the dystopian world.