Netflix Original Film “Moxie” Will Give You a New View on Feminism

The movie Moxie captures the essence of teen rebellion, and why feminism is still needed in today’s world. It shows modern day issues in society and schools.The movie can be found on Netflix. Amy Poehler directed and starred in this movie.

The main characters are Vivian and Lucy. Lucy, played by Alycia Pascual, is a feminist who just moved to a new school. Vivian, played by Hadley Robinson, did not become one until she met Lucy, even though her mother, played by Amy Poehler, is a feminist. Her mother was also an activist in high school. After Vivian sees the inequality shown in her own school, she creates a movement called “Moxie,” which is also the name of the magazine she created. The magazine exposes how wrong the dress code is at their school and also contains the names of men who act inappropriately towards women in their school but receive no punishment. The magazine “Moxie” also presents ways for students to support the “movement.” Along the way Vivian makes more friends, and even a boyfriend named Seth who is supportive of feminism.

Robinson does an effective job of playing Vivian, who is at first an introvert. I say this because in the movie she acted awkwardly, but as her character started to gain confidence, her actions changed. Hadley was able to shift her character’s emotions convincingly. Alycia Pasucual plays Lucy well,considering she’s new to acting. For example, when Lucy didn’t want to let a character named Mitchell annoy her she showed the right amount of anger and calmness; she empowered her character.

The plot for Moxie is a drama and comedy. However, the movie has a straightforward rising climax leading to a plot twist. The plot twist contains suspense and is surprising. The movie is 1hr and 51 minutes long.

Moxie is rated as a PG-13 movie due to a few kiss scenes, a little bit of language, and the talk of racial issues which might be sensitive for others. Other than that the movie is family friendly for anyone over the age of 11. This film is not for a very young audience, but the main point of the movie offsets the PG-13 rating.

Overall Moxie is an exceptional film with great acting. The movie brings a great view on gender inequality. I recommend this for children over the age of 11.I highly recommend Moxie for Preuss students.