Juniors Work to Improve Preuss Bathrooms


Barbara Gu

The boys’ restrooms will hopefully continue to improve after this project.

Carlos Castaneda, School News Writer

Preuss bathrooms are currently in the worst state they’ve been in the last couple of years. A group of Juniors at the Preuss School have begun a project to bring etiquette changes inside and outside of the Preuss bathrooms.

A group of approximately 26 juniors from all four advisory classes led by Bao Banh, Karim Berdeja, have gotten together to work on maintaining proper bathroom etiquette as an option for their service learning project. The poor conditions and the inconsistency of available bathrooms cause students to consistently complain.

“It’s really annoying that half of the bathrooms are closed,” Bao Banh (24’) explained, “but even the bathrooms that are open, are really dirty and have graffiti written on the walls of them most of the time.”

The group of Juniors working on this project plan to make many strategic steps in order to bring etiquette changes into Preuss bathrooms.

“One of the changes we plan to make is adding trash cans in the stalls”, said Karim, “We are making surveys so people can complain about what’s bad in the bathroom, we will also try to fix some of the stalls that don’t work and we are going to add more consequences for damaging the bathroom.”

Many challenges will appear throughout the stages of trying to improve Preuss bathrooms; however there is one challenge that juniors believe will be the hardest to overcome.

“I think the middle schoolers are gonna be the biggest challenge because they’re so out of control and they don’t listen to anyone,” expressed Angeline Gomez (24’).

Although all students are affected by this issue, the lowerclassmen despite not participating in the service learning project are ecstatic that the juniors are taking initiative to help contribute to maintaining a safe and clean bathroom environment.

“The bathrooms are super disgusting,” Brenda Velazquez emphasized (25’), “I’m glad that you guys are doing something about it because I definitely wouldn’t have done anything about it or I don’t think anyone else would have done anything about it.”

Mr. Carr, the supervisor of this project, strongly believes in what the Juniors are doing in this project.

“I believe that what these Juniors are doing is the right thing”, Mr. Carr said, “I think what they’re doing will not only impact the students that currently go here, but the future students as well.”